At TCN we strongly believe that the sustainable route out of poverty is through education, which is why we are always pleased to help donors implement education based projects. Below are a couple of examples of school contruction projects we have completed. these would cost typically in the region of 30,000 and through out network of partners we are able to arrange student sponsorship schemes which enables them to run effectively.


Rawalacote, Kashmir


The Rawalacote School of Pioneers has been established to provide a quality education in a time of great need. Children from all backgrounds are admitted and student numbers were 81 in its first month of operation. An Oxford based syllabus is taught and the medium for instruction and communication is English. Children have been admitted into two Montessori classes (nursery age), where learning is completely activity based, and other classes are class one, two and three. Only the early years are currently admitted in order to ensure a good quality of educational provision.


The school has been constructed to comply with international standards and is an earthquake proof design. The roof is of a special corrugated metal which poses little threat in case of collapse. Walls have been reinforced and safety gaps that allow movement incorporated.


Sheikhpura, Pakistan


The Sheikhpura School of Pioneers was sponsored by a single donor from Pakistan. Land was donated by well wishers locally and the community have been active in its construction. The design is unlike those done in kashmir as the earthquake specifications are not as rigid. There are 7 classrooms, offices and playground.