Miri Roshni Children's Complex

Kashmir is often referred to as ‘heaven on earth’ and you could not find a more beautiful, yet deserving, location for such a meaningful project. Set in the rolling hills of Rawalacote, this complex will provide refuge and shelter for the most vulnerable in society following the devastating earthquake of 2005.

Yet, this is no ordinary orphans scheme. It is a pioneering project delivering only excellent facilities, education and care for the children and the wider community. Orphaned children will live with dedicated and carefully selected ‘mothers’ in a homely environment, a school to rival private educational institutes of the area will ensure a sustainable and bright future, a central mosque will ensure and remind of an Islamic environment and on-site medical facilities will provide a holistic approach to caring for the children.


To be completed over 4 phases:


Phase 1: (Underway) – The construction of the ground floor of the school, 5 orphans homes, medical and administrative blocks and partial landscaping.


Phase 2: Construction of 5 remaining orphans homes (each new home will be constructed as donors are found)


Phase 2: Construction of 5 remaining orphans homes (each new home will be constructed as donors are found)


Phase 3: Construction of mosque and 2nd floor of school (work will begin as donors are found) and completion of landscaping


Phase 4: Construction of technical college and youth hostel


The project has been divided in such a way that it allows donors to support stand alone parts which, when combined, make the whole much more valuable. A Sadaqah Jaaria project with very high impact. Donors can visit the site and a commemorative plaque will be placed on-site to show contributions.


Orphans Home:


Each orphans home can accommodate 10 children. A qualified ‘mother’ will be dedicated to the children who will be brought up as a family. The mother will provide more than just domestic care but will also read to the children and help with their homework and other needs. Each mother will be trained in best practices across fields of social care, child care, safety and mental health.


Set over 2 floors, each childrens’ home will cost £30,000 (5 have been sponsored and 5 more are required)


Construction is done to the highest earthquake proof specifications and is fully compliant with the Earthquake Rehabilitation Authority specifications. All buildings on site a column beam supported and not wall bearing structures as in the majority of construction in other areas of Pakistan.




The school will provide an education second to none in the area. It will be open to the wider community as well as the orphans in the complex. A good social mix will be maintained in order that all the children benefit from each other.


Donors can sponsor a classroom @ £4000; a science lab @ £5000 or a library @ £6000. If you have the means, the complete 2nd floor of the school will cost £100,000 (first floor has been sponsored).


Education is the only truly sustainable route out of poverty. By providing this facility, you will be impacting on the future of numerous orphans and children, their future generations and the society as a whole.




The central building of the complex is the masjid. A beautifully designed, circular building, it really will set a tone and anchor for the complex. As with the school, it will be open for use by the wider community, yet maintained by the complex staff. It will raise the standards of religious buildings in the area and be a beacon of best practice.


Such an amazing opportunity for a Sadaqah Jaaria project with high resonance. The cost of the mosque building is only £35,000. It is completely earthquake proof and has prayer and ablution facilities for both men and women.


Medical facility:


The complex will have its own medical facility which will also provide services to the local community. The cost of this medical facility, which forms part of a larger administration and residential block is £20,000 (Total cost of the building is £35,000).


This complex is being delivered by involving a number of credible and established partners to compliment our own capacity. Locally, the main partner is Al Mustafa Development Network (ADN). ADN has extensive construction experience and amongst others has worked with UNICEF, WFP and the Japanses Government in relief operations in Kashmir and Pakistan. We have also engaged representatives from every level in the local community to add value to the proposition. All this, combined with both UK and Pakistan based experties and experience of Human Appeal International will make this project unrivalled in the area and a source of great pride for all involved, insha-Allah. Please visit our 'partners' pages for more details of these agencies.


If you are interested in donating for any part of the complex, please contact us (see link above or aamer@thecharity network.net) or Human Appeal International on 0161 225 0225 or j.akhtar@humanappeal.org.uk


Only the beginning:


Once the site is operational, Human Appeal International will be offering their Orphan Sponsorship Scheme at the complex so you can help support the orphans through their education and development. If you have any particular expertise, whether it be in education, social welfare, international development or otherwise – why not get involved in making the complex as pioneering and forward thinking as it can be – please contact us. If this has inspired you and you wish to develop a similar concept and have the means to afford it, we can help facilitate this dream for you too – please contact us.