The Mosque Appeal project is run on a 100% voluntary basis by a group of brothers and sisters from the UK. They aim to help poor communities in the developing world build for themselves mosques as a place of worship and focus for the community.


We believe it is truly amazing how little it can cost to provide a community with a much needed place of worship, and that the opportunity to help provide this is a real blessing.


The Mosque Appeal project was launched during Ramadhan 2006 with the successful construction of two mosques in The Gambia. The 2007 appeal collected enough funds to complete a central mosque in Guinea Bissau. TCN has further project managed the building of 4 mosques in Kashmir (3 complete and one in progress)all of which were donated by single donors.


More details about the Mosque Appeal project can be found on our 'partners' page or by visiting


A typical mosque of this type costs approximately 8000 however sizes can be varied according to your budget and can be as low as 3000 to 4000 or as high as 40,000 upwards. If you would like to partake is such a Sadaqah Jaaria project, please contact us today as we can discuss specification and locations with you.