Working in the UK is also one of our priorities. People are regularly wanting to support projects overseas but we, as Muslims, and British citizens need to ensure we are helping our neighbours here too.


With this in mind, we have partnered with the Islamic Society of Britain (Manchester Branch) in order to pilot a 'Feeding the Homeless' project. For now, this project is targetting the homeless in City Centre Manchester and in selected shelters in the city also. The project has been well received and thanks to the tireless efforts of the ISB volunteers and the financial support of our donors, we are maintaining the project for the full pilot period of 12 months.


We are very keen to expand this project as quickly as we can. Currently we are only running the sessions on a monthly basis, which is a limitation of volunteer manpower as much as it is funds. If you think you can run similar projects in your cities or can support us financially to expand this work, please donate generously. We strongly believe, as Muslim in this country and in the current climate, we need to be actively seen to be supporing and contributing to alleviate the suffering in our direct neighbourhoods too.