Rural Gambia sustainable feeding programme


Gambia, west Africa is amongst one of the poorest countries in the world. Made famous by the 80's drama 'Roots', the poverty in this country is something beyond most peoples comprehension.


We were challenged with a task to help provide food for rural villages but to be able to sustain the feeding programme without continuous donations from the UK.


Together with our implementing partners, Annasru on the ground we piloted a programme of supplmenting exiting diets in 6 villages with fresh meat.


The programme:


TCN purchased 6 large bulls which were taken to the villages and slaughtered there. The meat was then purchasec by the residents AT COST PRICE. this provided variety and protein in their diets which consisted mainly of plain broken rice. The villages are then re-visited on a regular basis with another animal and thus the programme is sustained. The impact of the inclusion of meat in their diets has led to inprovements in health and fitness in the villages.


One of our partners, Al Mustafa Trust International (ATI), recognising the value of this programme have helped in building some infrastructure requirements such as holding areas for the animals to ensure they are secure until the time of slaughter.


Furthermore, donors can now purchase animals at a cost of 300 each in order to expand the programme to more villages. In this way, the project will grow over the coming years and, insha-Allah, benefit many more people.


Please help make this project grow by donating for one animal at 300 each.